Social Skills at Social Collaborative!

Social Collaborative is happy to announce our social skills program – Lab Socials!

Taking the idea of friendly ice cream socials in which friends and neighbors gather to enjoy each other’s company, Lab Socials provides a fun and engaging opportunity for chidren of similar ages to practice their social skills in the contexts of age-appropriate games and activities. Through activity-based programming, children practice and learn new skills that allow them to better interact and connect with others around them.

A BCBA will work with your family to identify priority social skills goals through consultations and an individualized assessment. Session activities are designed to create intensive and generalized opportunities to target individual skills. Data is collected and analized in a rigorous fashion to allow for close monitoring of progress and updates to individual goals and instructional techniques as needed. We are committed to a small group format, so each child in the group will have abundant opportunities to practice skills and receive individual support as needed. Your child will learn from others in the group, as well as serve as a model to his or her group mates!

We also welcome typically-developing siblings to attend group as peer models. Research literature suggests that peer models thrive in such opportunities and develop advanced skills in leadership, empathy, creativity, and confidence.

To register for or inquire about Lab Socials, give us a call at 415-646-6223. You can also fill out the form below or email Social Collaborative and we’ll contact you shortly!


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