Social Skills for Teens

As you probably know, teens with ASD experience poor overall quality of friendships and this leads to greater loneliness in general. Did you, however, also know that having just 1-2 close friends is correlated with higher self-esteem and independence, and protects against the negative impact of depression and anxiety?

Social Collaborative is excited to announce that we will be offering a 14-week PEERS social skills program in the Orange County area!

The PEERS model is based on extensive research conducted at UCLA, and is specifically designed for teens on the autism spectrum who are motivated to make and keep friends. The program specifically focuses on social awareness, social communication, social cognition, social neglect, and peer rejection or conflict. The program utilizes best practices including small-group discussions and role play, as well as parent involvement and coaching. Participants of the PEERS program have demonstrated an increase in applied skills that lead to the cultivation and maintenance of friendship. Follow-up studies have shown that teens continued to demonstrate those skills and reported having more friends up to 4 years after attending the program!

If you have a teen who is interested in making and keeping friends, then this is the program for you!

Enrollment is now open and space is extremely limited. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an interview!

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